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December's Winter Wisdom Challenge
Week 1: Embracing the Joy
Week 4: Thanksgiving Thoughtfulness
Week 3: Gratitude for Challenges
Week 2: Gifts of Kindness

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"I'm an empath, how do I protect my energy?"
This week I answer the question:

A Pinch of Magick podcast

Rebecca-Anuwen on 11/26/2023Soulful Sunday: The Advent Calendar of Intentions
Welcome to a special December edition of Soulful Sundays! As we twirl into the festive whirl of December, we've got something enchanting up our sleeves to help you navigate this month with a sprinkle of mindfulness and a dash of intention.🌟 Today's Theme: The Advent Calendar of Intentions 🌟Forget th
Rebecca-Anuwen on 11/24/2023Weekend Alchemy - Moon Phase Magick: Enhancing Your Weekend Rituals
Ready to add a touch of lunar enchantment to your weekend?Join us as we dive into the mystical world of Moon Phase Magick. This isn't just about gazing up at the night sky; it's about syncing your soul with the moon's rhythm.🌙 Whispers from the Moon 🌙Imagine tapping into the moon's ancient wisdom wh
Rebecca-Anuwen on 11/22/20232.4 Intuitive Interactions - Building Relationships with Energies and Entities
You know, life’s not just about the people we see every day.It’s also about those unseen presences, those whispers of energy and echoes of spirits that surround us.Today’s episode is like stepping into a different realm – a realm where we learn to connect with energies and entities beyond our physic

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Energetic Alchemy

Energy Clearing Meditations for More Ease and Flow
Welcome to "Energetic Alchemy: Energy Clearings to Create More Ease and Flow".

Manifesting with Moon-mentum

The Full Moon in Gemini - 27th November 2023

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Gemini Moonlight Murmurs Oracle Spread

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Sunday Ritual: End Your Week with GRACE
REPLAY: 26th November 2023 - End Your week with GRACE