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February's Power of Love Challenge
Week 4: Nurturing Community Spirit

Magickal Q&A's

"I'm an empath, how do I protect my energy?"
This week I answer the question:
How do I get my intuition back?
This week I answer the question:
How do I step into my flow?
This week I answer the question:
"Are dips in energy bad?"
This week I answer the question:
"Creating deeper connection with friends"
Today I answer the question: "I’m really craving connection with a group of fun, good feeling group of close friends. I know a lot of people but would love to connect on a deeper, dinner level with a small group of close-knit ‘tribe’ where the connection feels so natural."

A Pinch of Magick podcast

Rebecca-Anuwen on 02/20/2024A surprise turn of events - a more personal update
In this episode of the A Pinch of Magick podcast, I share my journey of the unexpected twists and turns that life offers us when we invite it into our lives. And how, if we look closely, we'll find this magick interwoven into the fabric of our everyday lives. I share the magick found in the closing
Rebecca-Anuwen on 02/01/2024Illuminating the Path: An Imbolc Gathering of Renewal and Insight
This content is usually only shared on the A Pinch of Magick app (links below), but thought you might enjoy this too.Happy Imbolc!Welcome to our Imbolc Gathering, a special place created to revive your spirit and light your way as we celebrate the early signs of spring. As nature slowly awakens, thi
Rebecca-Anuwen on 01/19/2024Rooted in Magick - Exploring the Transformative Power of Trees
In today's episode, we're venturing into the enchanting world of trees. These stoic guardians of the earth hold a deep well of wisdom, strength, and grounding energy, and we're exploring how to tap into their ancient magick.Imagine yourself surrounded by the gentle giants of the natural world, each

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