Magickal Mornings: A Guide to Starting Your Day with Intention, Joy, and A Pinch of Magick

Rise and shine, for the morning holds a potent, untapped wellspring of magick within its dawning glow.

Have you ever dreamt of days where your spirit hums with a resounding vibrancy from the moment you open your eyes, casting an enchanting aura over your waking hours? This is the allure of a magickal morning.

And believe it or not, crafting your unique magickal morning need not add a single moment to your existing morning routine. It's simply a matter of intertwining magick into your daily rituals. 

Becoming a Morning Starfish

Begin your day by stretching out like a starfish in the comfort of your bed.

Feel the cool sheets against your skin, the fluffiness of your pillow, and the sense of space around you.

As you luxuriate in this sensation, your consciousness steadily journeys back from the world of dreams to the reality of the present.

Now is the perfect time to set your intention for the day ahead.

Ask yourself, what do I want to achieve today? What feelings or values do I wish to centre my day around?

This simple act of intention-setting can transform your outlook and your interaction with the world.


A Cleansing Shower to Start Fresh

Next, step into the embrace of a warm shower.

Let the cascading water wash away any energetic debris from the previous day.

With every droplet, envision negativity and unwanted thoughts and energy spiralling down the plughole. 

Now, let your imagination take flight. Picture the shower water transforming into a colour that resonates with your daily intention.

Perhaps it morphs into a vivid red, energising you with courage and zest. Or maybe it transmutes into a soothing green, infusing your spirit with peace and harmony. For those seeking prosperity, imagine a glittering gold cascade, symbolising an influx of abundance.


Honouring Your Body

After your shower, dry your body gently and lovingly.

Take a moment to appreciate the incredible vehicle that carries you through life.

As you apply your favourite cream, lotion, or oil, whisper a word of thanks to your body for all it does, anchoring the act with gratitude and love.


Words of Power

Your morning routine undoubtedly involves brushing your teeth.

As you scrub away the remnants of sleep, visualise clearing any negativity from your words, preparing to manifest your dreams through your words, your spells and intentions. 

Then, approach your mirror.

Look into your own eyes, the windows to your soul, and speak your affirmations aloud.

They could be about self-love, strength, or the ambitions you're working towards.

Compliment yourself, give yourself a high-five, or a cheeky wink. These acts might seem trivial, but they affirm that you're on your own side, and they're sure to bring a smile to your face.


Choosing Your Magickal Knickers

Last but certainly not least, pick your magickal knickers for the day.

Let this choice be an extension of your intention setting.

Select knickers that embody your goals and feelings for the day.

By doing so, you create a tangible link to your intentions that stays with you throughout the day, a secret source of power and motivation that only you know about.


Crafting Your Own Magickal Morning

Crafting a magickal morning isn't about transforming your routine overnight. It's about adding layers of meaning, intention, and yes, a dash of magick to the mundane.

You don't need more time; all you need is a shift in perspective and an openness to seeing the enchantment that already permeates your life. 

As you embark on this journey of making your mornings magickal, remember that the real power lies not in the act, but in the intention behind it. With every morning starfish stretch, each magickally charged shower, every loving stroke of lotion, each powerful affirmation, and the choosing of your magickal knickers, you are casting a spell - a spell of a day lived intentionally, joyfully, and powerfully.

So tomorrow, wake with intention, cherish your body, clear your words, affirm your worth, and choose your magickal knickers.

Each day, you're nurturing a stronger, happier, and more magickal self.

You'll soon find that the energy and inspiration gained from these simple rituals have a profound impact on your day. They encourage positive thinking, enhance self-esteem, and promote a deeper connection with yourself and the world around you. 

Indeed, the magickal morning isn't merely a routine; it's a lifestyle. It's a conscious choice to live your life in a way that aligns with your values, desires, and personal power. And the beautiful thing is, anyone can make this choice. It doesn't require extra time or complicated rituals. It only requires you to be fully present, open, and committed to weaving your unique brand of magick into the fabric of your everyday life.

So here's to magickal mornings and the extraordinary days that follow.

Here's to living your magick, every single day. Because you are, after all, the true magick.