Garden Gratitude

As the summer sun drenches our world in vibrant hues and life seems to burst from every bud and leaf, it’s the perfect time to take a sacred pause and express our 'Garden Gratitude'.

Whether you're the caretaker of a sprawling garden, a blooming window box, or a single, radiant houseplant, there's a world of wonder waiting to be explored and appreciated.

Let's step into our green havens and explore how this simple but profound practice can serve as a spiritual grounding point, offering a deeper connection to the energy of the Summer Solstice. 


Connecting to the Magick of Your Garden

Every plant, from the tallest tree to the smallest blade of grass, plays a significant part in the great dance of life. They tirelessly clean our air, enrich our soil, and add a dash of enchanting beauty to our surroundings. 

In the height of summer, as the Solstice sun embraces the earth, our plants and flowers are at their most energetic and exuberant. It’s the perfect time to appreciate their enchanting vitality. 


The practice of Garden Gratitude is an invitation to observe, touch, and connect with the plant life in your own space, embracing the magick they bring to your everyday life. Here's how to embark on this enchanting journey:


1. Step into Your Green Sanctuary 
Begin by entering your garden, or moving towards your plant, setting the intention to connect deeply with its energy. 

2. Touching Life’s Vein
Run your fingers gently along the leaves or petals. Feel their texture, their vitality, their energy. Marvel at the intricate veins, the dazzling colours, the mesmerising patterns. 

3. The Scent of Summer 
Lean in gently inhale the aroma of your plant. Does it have a fragrance? Whether it’s a heady floral scent or the fresh aroma of green leaves, it’s a scent-sational reminder of nature's diversity.

4. Whisper Your Thanks
In this quiet communion with your plant, express your gratitude for its ceaseless gifts – the oxygen it provides, the shade it offers, the beauty it exudes. 

5. Silent Symphony
Finally, just be.

Sit silently in your garden or near your plant. Absorb the subtle hum of life around you. Notice the play of sunlight on the leaves, the dance of insects, the symphony of bird songs. 


Taking this sacred pause to express Garden Gratitude enables us to align with the season's energy and ground ourselves in the present moment. It reminds us of our connection to the vast web of life and helps us to appreciate the simple, often overlooked magic that flourishes around us.

So this Summer Solstice, take a moment to step outside, breathe in the sun-drenched air, and spend some time expressing your gratitude to the little (or large!) green beings that share your space.

Embrace this magickal practice and let the power of your Garden Gratitude illuminate your Summer Solstice with love, connection, and abundant joy.