ROOT: Be TRUE to you - In Practice

Let’s talk about making decisions.

You now have a very clear filter to run your decisions through, but what if doubt still sneaks in.

First of all, it’s okay to change your mind.

Secondly, although we can change our mind, we only want to do so if it’s in alignment with what we want and need.

When we feel pressured into making a decision or changing our mind it’s often to do with judgement. Either judging ourselves, or in response to the judgements (real of perceived) from others.

Often when we react to something, in this case thinking we need to conform/change our mind about our choices, we are responding to our belief about it.

Believing that you need to put others first, believing that other people know better than you, believing that you can’t trust yourself or believing that you can’t have what you want.

Our beliefs are often learned, and not something that we have ever thought to question.

When you notice yourself react to something, feeling uncomfortable, angry, annoyed or questioning your choices, ask yourself the following questions, (inspired by Christina Baldwin):

How does this belief affect you?
Does it have a positive influence in your life?
What other belief could you replace it with?
What would need to change, in order for the belief to change?
Is the belief linked to your sense of security? If yes, what other security measures do you need to replace it?
How will changing your mind, and belief, benefit you?
Exploring these questions is an act of responsibility on your part.

And when you take responsibility for your choices, your growth and where necessary for changing your mind, it is truly ROOTing into Your Wisdom and fully expressing your true essence!