Preparing for an Interview

The Enchanted Interview: A Magickal Guide to Mastering Job Interviews with Confidence and Clarity

When the day comes to step into the interviewing spotlight, have no fear, for the enchanted energies shall bolster your confidence and clarity.

Harness the magick within and transform this encounter into an opportunity to shine.

Follow these steps to weave magick into every aspect of your interview process. From the week before your interview to the day itself, here are the expanded steps to guide you:

A Week Before the Interview

Set Your Intentions
Begin by clarifying exactly what you desire from this interview - perhaps it's to secure a job offer, to gain experience, or to network.

Write down these intentions on a piece of paper, investing each word with positive energy.

Visualise these goals being met, allowing this image to permeate your thoughts throughout the week.

Embrace the Power Pose
Each morning, stand in front of a mirror and adopt a power pose.

You might place your hands on your hips, raise your arms victoriously, or simply stand tall with your chest open.

Feel the power coursing through your body, reinforcing your self-assurance.

As you do this, look deeply into your own eyes in the mirror and reaffirm your strengths and abilities.

If you want some more encouragement to do the Power Pose, watch Amy Cuddy's Ted Talk:


Recite Positive Affirmations
Alongside your power pose, voice out loud affirmations that echo your intentions and self-belief. Speak with conviction, infusing each word with positivity and truth.

You might say, "I am capable, and ready for this opportunity."


On the Day of the Interview

Choose Your Magickal Knickers
On the morning of the interview, choose your Magickal Knickers thoughtfully.

Let this often overlooked detail serve as a secret source of strength, reinforcing your intentions for the day.

Whether it's a pair of bold, red knickers for courage or a lacy, white number for clarity, let this personal choice bolster your self-confidence.


Carry a Crystal
Pick a crystal that aligns with your intentions for the interview.

If you need clarity of thought, a clear quartz could serve your purpose.

If it's courage and motivation you seek, consider carrying a piece of tiger’s eye.

Carry this crystal with you, letting its presence serve as a tangible reminder of your intentions and capabilities.


Conjure the Power of Visualisation
Before you step into the interview room, envision yourself succeeding.

Picture the interviewers' receptive and impressed expressions, the confident tone of your voice, and the positive energy permeating the room.

This act of visualisation will reinforce your confidence and set the stage for success.


Say Affirmations and Power Pose
Just before the interview, find a private space to reaffirm your confidence and calm your nerves.

Assume your power pose and recite your affirmations, feeling their truth resonate within you.

This last-minute ritual can help ground you, dispelling any lingering anxieties.


Harness the Energies of Each Day of the Week

Each day of the week is associated with a specific celestial body, each offering unique energies you can align with:

Monday (Moon)
Tap into the Moon's nurturing energies to cultivate inner peace and emotional balance. This can help you maintain composure during the interview.

Tuesday (Mars)
Utilise Mars' bold energy to boost your courage and assertiveness, allowing you to advocate for yourself effectively.

Wednesday (Mercury)
Mercury's association with communication and intellect can enhance your ability to articulate your thoughts clearly and impress with your mental acuity.

Thursday (Jupiter)
Jupiter's expansive and lucky energy can boost your optimism and broaden your opportunities.

Friday (Venus)
Venus' energy promotes harmony and cooperation, aiding you in creating a positive rapport with the interviewers.

Saturday (Saturn)
Saturn's energy of discipline and structure can help you present a well-organised and competent front.

Sunday (Sun)
The Sun's radiant energy can boost your self-confidence and help you stand out as an individual.

Step onto your career path empowered and ready.

Allow these magickal practices to light your way and illuminate your potential.

Trust in the journey and embrace your enchanting transformation.