Chore-Magick: Incorporating Saturn's Disciplines into Daily Routines

"Saturday’s child works hard for a living," goes the old nursery rhyme, and we can’t help but notice the correlation to Saturn, the disciplinarian of the cosmos.

We're well-acquainted with this stalwart celestial taskmaster who governs Saturdays, work, discipline, boundaries and planning. But what if we could make Saturn's lessons a bit more... playful? Enter Chore-Magick – a way of casting everyday duties into extraordinary experiences, making the mundane tasks mystical and magnificently Saturnian.

Unearthing Saturn's Secrets

The first step in Chore-Magick is understanding Saturn. This ringed giant is often misrepresented as stern and limiting. But when you take a closer peek, you'll realise that Saturn is not the celestial bad boy he's often made out to be. Rather, Saturn symbolises structure, order, and responsibility.

Through its influence, we learn to create boundaries that protect us, plan for the future, and commit to the tasks at hand.

The secret of Saturn is discipline – and Chore-Magick is all about dancing to its structured tune.


Chore-Magick in Practice

In Chore-Magick, we bring Saturn's orderliness and discipline to our chores. You see, in the grand cosmic ballet, every mundane task can become a magickal performance.

Here's how:

1. Setting Intentions:
Begin each chore with a specific intention.

As you fold laundry, imagine each fold is creating order in your life.

When washing dishes, see the water as cleansing not just your plates, but also washing away any negativity.

As you dust your shelves, imagine clearing away the old, making way for fresh beginnings.

By aligning our thoughts and actions, we invite Saturn's structure into our tasks, making them potent rituals.


2. Mindful Mundanity
Bring your full focus to the task at hand.

Experience the sensation of the warm water on your hands as you wash up, or the satisfying feeling of decluttering your living room.

This mindfulness brings a magickal touch to your tasks, inviting positive energy into your day.


3. Saturnian Symbols
Incorporate Saturnian symbols into your chores.

Use a black bin liner – as black is Saturn's colour – to take out the trash, symbolically eliminating the boundaries hindering your growth.

Burn a black candle to clear away any doubt or negative energy as you do your tasks.

Draw the astrological symbol of Saturn on your notepad before planning the week, inviting Saturn's orderly energy into your schedule.


4. Saturn's Stopwatch
Saturn also governs time.

Try dedicating specific time slots for your chores.

This not only brings discipline into your routine but also infuses a sense of Saturnian rhythm into your day.


5. Boundaries & Protection
Remember, Saturn is about boundaries.

Make your chores a ritual for setting protective barriers around you.

As you sweep your floors, imagine pushing away any negative energy or unwanted influences.


A Chore-Magick Ritual

Let's see Chore-Magick in action with a Saturday cleaning ritual.

Begin with a clear intention: "As I clean my home, I clean my life of chaos."

Don Saturn's colour by wearing something black.

Start at the top of your house, and methodically work your way down, just as Saturn teaches us to follow a planned order.

As you sweep, mop, dust and declutter, visualise removing negativity, leaving room for positive Saturnian energies to flow in.

Be mindful of your task, being present in each moment.

Once done, take a well-deserved rest, acknowledging Saturn's other lesson: the importance of resting after hard work.

Remember, Chore-Magick isn’t just about transforming your chores into fun, magickal experiences. It's about embracing Saturn's lessons of discipline, structure, and responsibility in our daily lives.

Through this practice, we learn to love the limitations that make us stronger and cultivate a Saturnian wisdom that turns even the most ordinary days into extraordinary adventures.

So next time you face your task list, don’t just do your chores – make them magickal.