Charm Pots: A Step-by-Step Guide to Crafting Your Own Magickal Jars

Step into the world of magick where every item you encounter holds an enchanted secret.

Today, we're focusing on a fascinating, fun, and pragmatic conduit of magick—Charm Pots!

Think of them like miniature cauldrons of dreams, these vessels are your personal and portable portals to manifesting your deepest desires, be it love, protection, prosperity, or anything else your heart desires.

Let's delve into how you can craft your very own Charm Pot.


Step 1: Gather Your Magickal Tools

Just like any other craft, you'll need a set of tools to create your charm pot. The essentials include:

  • A jar or any other vessel to hold your charm - start small
  • Herbs, crystals, symbols, or colours associated with your intention
  • Paper and a pen to write your intentions or spells
  • Ribbon or string to seal the charm pot (optional)
  • Any other item that resonates with you or your intent


Step 2: Understand the Correspondences

The potency of your charm pot depends on the alignment between the items you select and their associated symbolic meanings or correspondences.

Before you begin, do your research. If you're crafting a charm pot for love, for instance, consider incorporating rose quartz, rose petals, or cinnamon, each renowned for their association with affection.

However, use the items that YOU associate with your intention, even if it's dfferent from what may be traditionally used.


Step 3: Cleanse and Consecrate Your Tools

Cleanse your jar and tools to rid them of any residual energy.

This could be done through passing the items through incense smoke, or by visualising a white light enveloping them. 


Step 4: Create Your Charm

This is where your magick truly comes to life.

Start by writing down your intentions or spells on a piece of paper.

Place this paper into your jar first.

Next, fill the jar with your chosen items—herbs, crystals, symbols—all the while keeping your intentions clear in your mind.

As you add each item, envision your intention coming to life.


Step 5: Seal and Charge the Charm Pot

Sealing your charm pot is a powerful act symbolising the completion of your charm creation.

You could use a ribbon or string for this purpose, or drip candle wax  otver the lid.

Once sealed, hold your charm pot and visualise your intent being absorbed by it.

See your charm pot glowing with the energy of your desire. 


Step 6: Care for Your Charm Pot

Place your charm pot somewhere significant – perhaps your altar, by your bed, or in your garden.

Every so often, recharge it with your intent to keep the magick alive.


Creating a charm pot is more than just a fun craft project. It's a journey of introspection, an exercise in purposeful creativity, and a dynamic celebration of magick.

Remember, the key to any magickal practice is intention. So, allow your charm pot to be a manifestation of your desires, and watch as the universe responds to your crafted magick.

Happy magick!