The Pathway to Prosperity: A Ritual for Inviting Success

Written on 05/06/2024
Rebecca Anuwen

In the vibrant tapestry of our lives, the pursuit of success is a thread woven with aspirations and dreams.

The Pathway to Prosperity is a ritual designed to clear the path toward achieving your goals, harnessing energies that foster success, and setting intentions that attract prosperity.

What You'll Need

  • A green candle for growth and prosperity
  • A gold candle for wealth and success
  • A small bowl of water with herbs such as cinnamon or basil, known for attracting success
  • A few coins and a small bag or pouch
  • Paper and a pen
  • Crystals associated with success, such as pyrite or citrine
  • A quiet space where you can focus without interruptions


Ritual Steps

Step 1: Sacred Space Preparation
Begin by arranging your space.

Place the green and gold candles on your altar or a safe flat surface.

Surround them with the crystals and coins, and place the bowl of water nearby.


Step 2: Candle Lighting
Light the green candle to invoke growth and the nurturing of your goals.

Then, light the gold candle to attract the energies of wealth and success.

As you light each candle, visualise your life flourishing with prosperity and achievements.


Step 3: Intention Writing
Take a piece of paper and write down clear, concise statements of what success looks like for you.

These could be specific goals or general aspirations for prosperity and achievement in various areas of your life.


Step 4; Water Blessing
Dip your fingers into the bowl of water, then flick the water gently towards the candles, allowing the essence of success to be activated by the fire’s transformative energy.

Visualise the energy rising as carrying your intentions to the universe.


Step 5: Coin Charging
Hold the coins in your hand, feeling their weight.

Close your eyes and imagine each coin multiplying, representing the growth of your wealth and success.

Place each coin into the small bag or pouch as a physical representation of your accumulating prosperity.


Step 6: Crystal Activation
Touch each crystal, feeling its energy.

Speak your written intentions aloud while holding the crystals, asking them to amplify and attract success to your life.

Arrange them around the candles where they can continue to absorb the energy of your ritual.


Step 7: Affirmations of Success
Spend a few moments reciting affirmations that reinforce your pathway to prosperity.

You might say something like:

'I am open and ready to receive success,' or 'Every step I take is leading me towards greater prosperity.'



Step 8: Closing the Ritual
As the candles burn down (watch them to ensure safety), visualise your intentions solidifying into reality.

When you’re ready, extinguish the candles, affirming that the energy of success is now at work in your life.


Step 9: Carrying Prosperity Forward
Keep the charged coins in your pouch and carry it with you daily as a reminder of your commitment to your goals.

Place the crystals where you will see them often to remind you of your ongoing journey to success.


Step 10: Regular Reflection
Regularly update or revisit your written intentions and adapt your ritual as your goals evolve and expand.


The Pathway to Prosperity ritual is more than just a symbolic act; it’s a powerful setting of your life’s compass towards success and abundance.

By regularly engaging with this ritual, you create an environment that supports achievement, grounding your aspirations in the physical world and aligning your actions with your highest goals.