Renewal of Commitments

Written on 03/18/2024
Rebecca Anuwen

The Spring Equinox invites us to renew our commitments to ourselves and our personal growth.

Reflect on the commitments you've made to yourself in the past.

Which of these have you honoured, and which require recommitment?

Outline a plan for how you intend to recommit to these promises in the season ahead, ensuring they contribute to your personal and spiritual development.


The journal prompt resonates deeply with the essence of the Spring Equinox, a time replete with symbolism of rebirth, renewal, and equilibrium.

This period encourages us to reflect on the cycle of life, the balance between light and darkness, and the natural urge towards growth and rejuvenation.

The prompt serves as a crucial catalyst for introspection and action, nudging us to examine our personal vows through the lens of growth and renewal.

Personal commitments, much like seeds sown in the earth, require care, attention, and the right conditions to flourish.

Over time, some commitments may have thrived, while others have withered, neglected or overcome by life's inevitable ebbs and flows.

The Spring Equinox, with its powerful themes of renewal and balance, offers a poignant moment to reassess these commitments.

It's a time to acknowledge our achievements, learn from our oversights, and realign our actions with our deepest values and aspirations.


Reflective Contemplation
Begin by meditating on the commitments you've made to yourself, especially those tied to personal and spiritual growth.

Which of these have you nurtured and seen flourish?

Which have fallen by the wayside?

Approach this reflection with kindness and without judgement, understanding that growth is non-linear and every journey has its detours.


Journaling with Honesty
In your journal, create a candid inventory of these commitments.

For each, note whether it has been honoured, neglected, or requires adaptation to better serve your current path.

This act of writing serves not only as an acknowledgment of your journey but also as a map for the way forward.


Creating a Plan for Recommitment
For commitments that require rejuvenation or recommitment, outline specific, achievable steps.

Whether it's dedicating time to a forgotten hobby, rekindling a spiritual practice, or renewing a vow towards health and wellbeing, define clear actions that resonate with the energy of renewal characteristic of the Spring Equinox.


Balancing Acts
In keeping with the Equinox's theme of balance, consider how these renewed commitments can be integrated into a harmonious lifestyle.

Strive for equilibrium between work and play, activity and rest, giving and receiving, ensuring that your recommitments nourish rather than deplete you.


Rituals of Renewal
Consider creating a simple ritual to mark the recommitment to these vows.

This could involve planting something as a symbolic gesture of growth, writing your commitments on ribbons and tying them to a tree, or simply lighting a candle to signify the light of awareness and the warmth of intention.


This journal prompt is a beacon of introspection and intentionality, perfectly aligned with the transformative energy of the Spring Equinox.

It compels us to not only reflect on our past and present commitments but also to actively shape our future through mindful recommitment and action.

By engaging with this practice, we align our personal journey with the natural cycle of renewal, embedding our growth and development within the broader tapestry of life's rhythms.