The Essence of Magick

Written on 02/19/2024
Rebecca Anuwen

Reflect on what 'magick' means to you personally.

When have you felt it flowing most freely in your life?

Describe these moments in detail, exploring the feelings, thoughts, and actions that signified you were in touch with your unique magick.


This journal prompt invites you to explore the magickal core of your being and articulate the personal meaning and manifestations of your unique magick.

This reflective practice is vital because it encourages a deep communion with your innermost self, fostering an understanding and appreciation of your innate power and the ways in which it intricately weaves through the fabric of your existence.

This journal prompt allows you to recognise and celebrate your magick as an essential aspect of your identity, transcending the mundane to touch the divine within.

By reflecting on the essence of your magick, you acknowledge it as a profound force for creation, transformation, and illumination in your life.


Personal Definition
Begin by contemplating what magick means to you.

Is it a feeling of connection to the universe, an ability to effect change, a sense of wonder and awe, or something else entirely?

Define magick in your own words, focusing on its significance in your personal belief system and everyday life.


Recollection of Magickal Moments
Recall specific instances when you felt your magick most palpably.

These could be moments of synchronicity, instances where your intuition was particularly strong, times when you felt deeply aligned with your purpose, or occasions when you witnessed the tangible results of your intentions and will.

Describe these moments in detail, capturing the circumstances, your feelings, thoughts, and the actions that were involved.


Emotional and Spiritual Exploration
Reflect on the emotions and spiritual states that accompany your experiences of magick.

Do you feel a sense of empowerment, peace, exhilaration, or connection?

How do these emotional and spiritual experiences affirm your understanding and practice of magick?


Journaling with Depth
In your journal, document these reflections, crafting a narrative that weaves together your personal definition of magick, the moments when it has been most present in your life, and the feelings and spiritual insights associated with it.

This written exploration serves as a map of your magickal journey, highlighting the paths you've travelled and the landscapes still to explore.


Rituals of Reconnection
Create simple daily or weekly rituals to consciously connect with your magick.

This could involve meditating with intention, creating a small altar space that reflects your magickal beliefs, spending time in nature to feel the energy of the earth, or any practice that helps you to tune in to the flow of magick in your life.


Engaging with this journal prompt is a transformative practice that not only deepens your connection to your own magick but also celebrates it as a fundamental and enriching aspect of your existence.

It's a reminder that magick isn't an external force to be sought but an intrinsic part of who you are, ever-present and waiting to be acknowledged, explored, and expressed.

Through this exploration, you affirm the beauty and power of your unique magick, honouring its role in shaping your journey and your engagement with the world around you.