What Truly Matters to You

Written on 01/08/2024
Rebecca Anuwen

This year, I choose to focus on what truly matters to me and let go of what doesn’t serve my highest good


In the unfolding narrative of our lives, where days blend into months and months into years, this affirmation stands as a powerful testament to intentional living.

It's a call to align our daily actions and choices with our deepest values and aspirations, thereby crafting a life that resonates with authenticity and purpose.

This affirmation is a compass for the soul, guiding us through the complex maze of life's distractions and detours.


Cultivating Intentionality
The essence of this affirmation lies in its call to intentional living.

"I choose to focus on what truly matters to me" is a deliberate stance, a commitment to prioritise our values, passions, and goals.

This intentionality is key to living a life that is not only successful but also fulfilling and meaningful.


Discerning the Essential
This affirmation encourages us to discern what is truly essential in our lives.

In a world brimming with endless demands and distractions, understanding what genuinely matters requires introspection and honesty.

This discernment allows us to invest our time, energy, and resources in pursuits that genuinely enrich our lives.


Letting Go of the Non-Essential
Equally important is the latter part of the affirmation: "and let go of what doesn’t serve my highest good."

This is an invitation to release the habits, beliefs, and even relationships that impede our growth or detract from our well-being.

Letting go is a liberating process, freeing us from unnecessary burdens and creating space for new growth.


Aligning with Personal Values
By focusing on what truly matters, we align our daily lives with our personal values.

This alignment leads to greater congruence between our actions and beliefs, fostering a sense of authenticity and integrity.


Enhancing Mental and Emotional Well-being
This affirmation has profound implications for our mental and emotional health.

Focusing on what enriches us and letting go of what diminishes us fosters inner peace, contentment, and happiness.

It's a practice in self-care and self-respect.


Empowering Choice and Control
In declaring this affirmation, we acknowledge our power to choose.

It reinforces the understanding that, while we may not control every aspect of our lives, we have substantial agency in shaping our experiences and responses.


Prioritising Personal Growth
This focus on what truly matters often leads us down paths of personal growth and development. It encourages us to pursue challenges that stretch and refine us, transforming obstacles into opportunities for learning and evolution.


Living a Purpose-Driven Life
Finally, this affirmation guides us towards a purpose-driven existence.

By continually choosing to focus on what's meaningful and letting go of everything else, we journey closer to fulfilling our potential and realising our purpose.


In embracing this affirmation, we embark on a path of profound self-realisation.

It's a commitment to crafting a life that mirrors the truest expressions of our being, marked by intentional choices, authentic experiences, and genuine fulfilment.

This affirmation is not just a guide for the year but a blueprint for a lifetime, a reminder that the essence of a life well-lived lies in the ability to distinguish the wheat from the chaff and to cherish the former with all our hearts.