The Gratitude Jar: A Year-Long Ritual of Appreciation

Written on 01/01/2024
Rebecca Anuwen

In life, it's the little moments of joy and gratitude that often shine the brightest, like stars in the night sky.

This ritual, The Jar of Joyous Moments, is a daily practice of recognition and appreciation, a year-long journey of collecting and cherishing the magick of gratitude that life offers us.


What You'll Need

  • A large, clear jar or a beautifully decorated box
  • Strips of colourful paper or small note cards
  • A pen that brings you joy to write with

Optional: Ribbons, stickers, or markers for decorating the jar


Ritual Steps:

Creating Your Gratitude Jar
Begin by choosing or decorating your jar or box.

This container will hold your gratitude, so make it personal and joyful.

Decorate it with stickers, drawings, or ribbons – whatever speaks to your heart.


Setting the Tone of Appreciation
On New Year's Day, sit quietly for a moment and reflect on something you're grateful for.

It could be as simple as a warm cup of tea or as profound as the love of a family member.


Writing Your Gratitude
Write down this initial moment of gratitude on a strip of paper or note card.

As you write, allow yourself to fully relive and savour the feeling of thankfulness.


Honouring Your Gratitude
Fold the strip or card and place it in your jar or box.

As you do so, silently express thanks again, reinforcing the feeling of gratitude.


Daily Practice
Make this a daily ritual.

Each day, find a quiet moment to jot down something you're grateful for.

It might be an event, a person, a realisation, or even a challenge that taught you a valuable lesson.


Weekly Reflection
Once a week, take a moment to look at your jar or box, acknowledging its growing collection.

Let this be a visual reminder of the abundance of blessings in your life.


End-of-Year Ceremony
As the year comes to a close, allocate some time to open your jar or box.

One by one, read through your notes of gratitude.

Relish the memories, the feelings, and the growth they represent.


Reflection and Renewal
After reviewing your year of gratitude, take some time to reflect on the overall journey.

Write a summary note of what this year of appreciation has taught you, placing it at the bottom of the jar, ready to guide you into the new year.


The Jar of Joyous Moments ritual isn't just about acknowledging the good in life; it's about creating a tangible testament to the ever-present abundance that surrounds us.

This practice fosters a mindset of gratitude, transforming how we perceive our daily experiences.

As each note joins the chorus within the jar, we're reminded that gratitude is like a melody, a song of the heart that, once started, continues to resonate throughout our lives.

So let each slip of paper be a note in this symphony of thankfulness, playing its part in the grand composition of your year.