Defining Intentions

Written on 12/11/2023
Rebecca Anuwen

What are three intentions you want to set for the upcoming month?

Why are these intentions important to you, and how do they align with your overall goals and values?


This journal prompt guides you to chart a purposeful course for the upcoming month.

It's a thoughtful invitation to pause, reflect, and consciously direct your energies towards what truly matters to you.

This prompt is about aligning your daily actions with your deeper values and aspirations.

By identifying and setting intentions, you create a focused lens through which your decisions and actions can be filtered and refined.

It's about crafting a narrative for your life that resonates with your core beliefs and desired path, transforming the abstract into the tangible.


Contemplative Reflection
Start with a quiet moment of introspection.

Think about the areas of your life that you wish to nurture, develop, or transform.

What intentions can you set that will steer you in the desired direction?

Are you seeking growth in personal health, relationships, career, or perhaps your spiritual journey?


Journaling with Purpose
In your journal, explore three intentions that hold significance for you.

For each intention, dive deeper into how it aligns with your core values.

How does each intention serve as a stepping stone towards your broader life goals?

This exercise isn't just about stating what you wish to achieve but understanding why it holds meaning in your life.


Alignment with Values
Reflect on how these intentions align with your overarching values.

If one of your core values is health, an intention might be to engage in physical activity daily.

If it's learning, perhaps setting an intention to read regularly or learn something new.

The key is to ensure that your intentions and values are in harmony.


Visualisation Technique
Visualise yourself living these intentions.

What changes are needed in your daily routine?

How do you feel?

What impact do these changes have on your life and those around you?

This visualisation can be a powerful motivator and clarity provider.


Actionable Steps
Break down each intention into actionable steps.

What can you do each day or each week to fulfil, or move closer to, these intentions?

Creating a clear, practical plan makes it more likely that you'll follow through.


Reflect and Adjust
At the end of the month, reflect on your progress.

How have these intentions impacted your life?

What lessons have you learned, and how can you adjust your intentions for the next month for continued growth and alignment with your values?


Engaging with this journal prompt is a transformative practice that empowers you to live with purpose and intention.

It’s about creating a life that's not just reactive to external circumstances but one that is actively shaped by your deepest beliefs and aspirations.

By setting and embodying these intentions, you become the author of your own story of life.