The Vow of Intent: A Ritual for Committing to Your Intentions

Written on 12/11/2023
Rebecca Anuwen

In the grand theatre of life, our intentions are like the script, guiding our actions and shaping our narratives.

Yet, the challenge often lies in staying true to these scripts, in honouring the promises we make to ourselves.

The Vow of Intent ritual is a sacred commitment ceremony, an act of binding one's self to their intentions, imbuing them with purpose and resolve.


What You'll Need

  • A quiet, contemplative space
  • A journal and a pen
  • A small candle (choose a colour that resonates with your intentions, such as green for growth, blue for peace, or yellow for joy)
  • A piece of ribbon or string (again choosing a colour that resonates with your intentions)
  • A small box or container
  • Optional: soothing background music


Ritual Steps

1. Sanctuary of Serenity
Prepare your space, ensuring it's free from distractions.

If you choose, play some gentle music to create an atmosphere of calm and focus.


2. Light of Purpose
Light your candle, seeing it as a beacon of clarity and determination.

As the flame takes hold, take a few moments to centre yourself, focusing on your breath and the flicker of the candle.


3. Journal of Intentions
Open your journal and, with thoughtful consideration, begin to write down your intentions.

These could range from personal growth to aspirations in your career or relationships.

Write with conviction, as if each intention is a vow you are making to yourself.


4. Binding Your Promises
Once you've inscribed your intentions, gently tear out the page from the journal.

Fold it and tie it with your ribbon or string, symbolising the commitment you are sealing.


5. The Vow of Intent
Holding the bound intentions, recite a vow of commitment.

You might say something like, 'With these words, I commit myself to my intentions, promising to act with purpose and perseverance. I honour this vow with my heart and soul.'


6. Securing Your Commitment
Place the bound intentions into the box or container.

This act symbolises safeguarding your commitments, keeping them secure and sacred.

You could decorate your box with colour, words and images that represent your intentions.


7. Meditation of Dedication:
Sit quietly, meditating on the candle's flame.

Envision yourself living out your intentions, each step taken bringing you closer to your desired outcomes.

Feel the sense of achievement and satisfaction that comes with staying true to your commitments.


8. Closing the Ritual
As the ritual comes to a close, gently blow out the candle, internalising the light of commitment you've ignited.

Keep the box in a special place where you can revisit it and remind yourself of the promises made.


9. Living Your Intentions
In the days and weeks that follow, make conscious efforts to honour your commitments.

Let the memory of the ritual guide you, providing strength and motivation when challenges arise.


The Vow of Intent ritual is a powerful declaration of commitment to yourself and what you desire.

It serves as a reminder that our intentions are sacred, deserving of our dedication and effort.

By ritually committing to them, we weave these intentions into the very fabric of our daily lives, turning aspirations into reality.