Understanding Your Intuition

Written on 11/27/2023
Rebecca Anuwen

When have you felt your intuition speaking to you most clearly? Describe the situation and how you knew it was your intuition guiding you.


This journal prompt is an invitation to delve into the profound depths of your intuition, that enigmatic inner compass that often whispers truths beyond the grasp of conscious reasoning.

It beckons you to trace back to those pivotal moments where your intuition was not just a faint murmur, but a clear, resonant voice guiding your path.

This prompt can help you to illuminate the often-overlooked power of your innate inner wisdom.

In a world where logical analysis and empirical evidence reign supreme, tuning into the subtle yet potent cues of your intuition can be both revolutionary and deeply affirming.

It serves as a reminder that, beyond the clamour of external voices and societal expectations, there exists a deeper knowing within you, a knowing that is uniquely yours and profoundly insightful.


Recollection and Recognition
Set aside a quiet time to recall instances when you experienced a strong gut feeling or a sense of inner knowing.

It might have been a warning about a situation or person, or a compelling drive towards a seemingly irrational choice that later proved to be right.

  • How did your body feel in that moment?
  • Was there a sense of certainty, a physical sensation, or an emotional response that signalled this was your intuition speaking?


Journaling the Journey
Document these instances in your journal, detailing not just the events but also your sensory and emotional experiences.

  • How did you respond to your intuition?
  • What was the outcome?

Reflecting on these moments can help solidify your understanding of how your intuition communicates with you.


Dialogue with Intuition
Engage in a written dialogue with your intuition.

Ask it questions and allow it to answer.

This exercise can help you differentiate between the voices of fear, logic, and true intuition.


Mindful Meditation
Practice mindfulness or meditation to create a tranquil space where your intuition can surface without being drowned out by the noise of everyday life.

Regular practice can sharpen your ability to hear your intuitive voice.


Affirmations of Trust
Incorporate affirmations into your daily routine that reinforce your trust in your intuition.

Simple statements like, 'I trust my inner wisdom,' or, 'My intuition consitently guides me reliably,' can strengthen your confidence in your intuitive insights.


Engaging deeply with this journal prompt is a celebration of the intuitive self.

It encourages a pilgrimage back to your core, to the wellspring of wisdom that resides within.

Remember, each instance where you heed your intuition is a step towards a more authentic, aligned, and fulfilled existence.

By acknowledging and valuing this inner guidance, you learn not only to trust yourself more but also to navigate the tapestry of life with greater confidence and clarity.