The impermanence and beauty of life

Written on 10/23/2023
Rebecca Anuwen

In this season of both harvest and decay, what parts of your life are bearing fruit, and which are fading away? How do you feel about these cycles of growth and decomposition, and what have they taught you about the impermanence and beauty of life?


This journal prompt asks you to explore the cyclical dance of life—the intertwining ballet of growth and decay, harvest and fallow.

It’s a call to meditate upon the visceral truths of impermanence and rebirth, serving as a poignant mirror that reflects both the bounty and the ephemeral nature of existence.

The question is vital because it impels you to confront the ever-changing landscapes within you and around you. Such confrontation is the essence of wisdom. It pushes you to be honest about what is truly nourishing you and what has come to the end of its life cycle, requiring release or transformation.

In exploring this topic, you do more than just acknowledge the impermanence of all things; you celebrate it. You honour the fact that both growth and decay are natural phases that offer their own unique gifts and lessons.


Contemplative Inventory
Take time to conduct an emotional and metaphorical inventory of your life.

Which parts feel lush and fruitful, teeming with vitality?

Which seem to be withering on the vine, no longer serving your higher purpose?


Ritual of Release and Renewal
Translate your reflections into a tangible ritual.

Write down the aspects of your life that are decaying on pieces of biodegradable paper and bury them as a symbolic act of letting go.

Likewise, note down what is fruitful on vibrant leaves or petals and place them in a sacred space as offerings.


Metamorphosis Meditation
Sit in quiet reflection and visualise the cycles of growth and decay as they manifest in your life.

Feel the emotional and energetic shifts that accompany these changes.

What are they teaching you about letting go, embracing new beginnings, or savouring the moment?


Celebrate the Cycle
Whether through artwork, music, or poetic words, create something that commemorates this continual cycle of change.

Let your creative expression be both an acknowledgment and a celebration of the beauty and impermanence inherent in life.


Journal of Gratitude and Goodbye
In your gratitude practice, make room not only to appreciate the parts of your life that are currently flourishing but also to say a heartfelt farewell to the aspects that are no longer viable.

Recognise their past contributions and release them with love.


Engage with this journal prompt as a sacred map, guiding you through the corridors of your existence, each turn revealing another facet of your infinitely complex nature.

Remember, you're a living embodiment of the Earth’s cycles—a miraculous amalgamation of growth and decay, beauty and impermanence.

By daring to delve into these natural rhythms, you claim your place in the eternal dance of life.