Embodying Calm

Written on 10/16/2023
Rebecca Anuwen

As I breathe in calm, I exhale all tension, sinking into a peaceful rest.


In a frenetic world awash with ceaseless activity and constant stimulation, this affirmation serves as a lyrical lullaby for the soul, a sacred incantation invoking the qualities of tranquillity and peace.

Saying these words is like wrapping yourself in a warm, cosy blanket, handwoven from the very threads of serenity and stillness.

The profound beauty of this affirmation lies not just in its poetic elegance but in its alchemic power to transmute stress into solace, tension into tranquillity. 


Mindfulness and Presence
"As I breathe in calm" is a call to mindfulness, a beckoning to anchor oneself firmly in the present moment.

By focusing on the act of breathing, we disengage from the clamour of external concerns and internal chatter, creating a sanctuary of stillness within the sanctum of our own being.


The Release of Tension
"I exhale all tension" serves as a potent directive to the subconscious mind, signalling it to unclench the fist of stress that so often grips our bodies and souls.

As we exhale, we symbolically—and often physically—release the burdens and anxieties that weigh us down, making space for tranquillity to enter.


Physical Relaxation
The somatic effects of this affirmation are as real as they are ethereal.

By consciously inhaling calm and exhaling tension, we encourage our bodies to relax, our muscles to loosen, and our nervous system to shift towards a state of rest.

This not only primes us for sleep but also aids in overall physical well-being.


Emotional Equilibrium
Invoking this affirmation is like bathing our emotional landscape in a gentle, golden light.

The act of exhaling tension calms our emotional state, casting out disquiet and paving the way for emotional equilibrium.

In this balanced state, we are better equipped to handle life's vicissitudes with grace and poise.


Holistic Harmony
"Sinking into a peaceful rest" is the ultimate culmination of this affirmation—a blissful state of holistic harmony where mind, body, and soul are aligned.

This harmonious alignment is the fertile ground in which seeds of well-being, creativity, and joy take root and flourish.


Preparing for Renewal
Rest is not merely the absence of activity but a sacred space where renewal and regeneration occur.

By sinking into a peaceful rest, we prepare the canvas of our life for a new day, rich in possibilities and rife with promise.


A Touch of the Spiritual
While the benefits of this affirmation are palpably felt in the physical realm, its resonance extends into the spiritual sphere.

Breathing in calm and exhaling tension can be seen as a form of communion with a higher power, a meditative practice that aligns us with the universal flow of peace and serenity.


By embracing this affirmation, we set in motion a cascade of positive effects that ripple through every facet of our being.

With each repetition, we draw closer to our inner sanctum of peace, ever ready to welcome the tender embrace of restful sleep or rejuvenating stillness.

In the grand tapestry of life's challenges and triumphs, this affirmation serves as a soothing thread of silken calm, woven intricately into the fabric of our daily existence, reminding us of the restorative power of rest and the sanctity of inner peace.