Inner Oracle: A Ritual for Intuitive Insight

Written on 10/02/2023
Rebecca Anuwen

In the intricate tapestry of our existence, our intuition serves as an internal compass, its whispers guiding us through the paths of decision and destiny.

Like an oracle, it imparts wisdom, often in riddles, symbols, or fleeting impressions.

The Tarot, an age-old system of divination, also communicates in this symbolic language, offering a profound resonance with our intuitive selves.

This ritual, rooted in ancient practice yet deeply personal, serves as an exercise to draw you closer to your intuitive wisdom. Through the enigmatic language of the Tarot, you'll find a harmonious dialogue between the cards and your soul, enriching your understanding of both.


What You'll Need:

  • A Tarot deck or Oracle deck, carefully chosen to resonate with you
  • A journal and a pen, dedicated to capturing your intuitive impressions
  • A quiet and comfortable space, free from distractions


Ritual Steps:

Preparation and Grounding
Before shuffling your Tarot or Oracle cards, sit comfortably and take several deep breaths to centre yourself.

Feel your consciousness sink from your head into your heart, the dwelling place of intuition.


Calling the Oracle
Hold the deck between your hands, focusing on your question or area of inquiry.

It might be a dilemma you're facing, a decision you have to make, or merely a desire for general guidance.


Shuffling and Drawing
Gently shuffle the cards, letting your fingers dance across their surface.

When you feel ready, draw a card. Lay it before you but refrain from interpreting it just yet.


First Impressions
Take a moment to examine the card in silence.

  • What are your immediate thoughts?
  • What emotions arise?
  • Does a particular symbol or image catch your eye?

Note down these first impressions in your journal, no matter how disjointed or obscure they might seem.


Delving Deeper
Now, consult the guidebook or any other references you use for traditional meanings.

Do these align with your initial impressions?

Note any synchronicities or surprises in your journal.


Reflecting and Receiving
Close your eyes and reflect on your experience, taking in both your intuitive impressions and the traditional meanings.

Allow your intuition to synthesise these insights into a coherent message or guidance.

Write down this collective wisdom in your journal.


Gratitude and Closure
Thank the cards and your inner oracle for their guidance.

Place the deck back in its box or cloth, and keep your journal in a sacred space for future reflections.


Throughout the week, pay attention to how the insights from this Tarot or Oracle ritual manifest or resonate in your daily life. You may wish to jot down these observations in your journal.


Through the Inner Oracle ritual, the Tarot or Oracle cards serve as a mirror reflecting your inner wisdom.

The ritual's true magick lies not just in the turn of a card, but in the unveiling of your intuitive voice, empowering you to navigate life's complexities with a renewed sense of clarity and depth.

So let your intuition speak, and let the Tarot listen.

In this sacred conversation, may you find the guidance and peace you seek.