Wisdom for Your Current Experiences

Written on 10/02/2023
Rebecca Anuwen

Imagine a council meeting where your Emotional Self, Intuitive Self and Logical Self were present. What does each have to say about a current issue in your life?


This journal prompt invites you on a transformative expedition to the inner sanctum of your consciousness, where an ethereal council meeting of your multifaceted selves awaits.

Here, in this metaphysical chamber, your Emotional Self, Intuitive Self, and Logical Self convene to explore and discuss the pressing issues that shape your current experience.

This journal prompt opens up a sacred dialogue between the diverse aspects of your psyche, and fosters an internal environment of curiosity, empathy, and, ultimately, understanding.

This prompts you to consciously recognise that you are not a monolithic being driven by a singular force, but rather a complex amalgamation of various facets, each with its unique wisdom and perspectives.

The council meeting symbolises the crucial need for a balanced approach to life's challenges and opportunities, advocating for a symphony of emotional nuance, intuitive wisdom, and logical reasoning.

To embody the rich insights available through this transformative inquiry, consider exploring the following:


Envision the Council
Begin by closing your eyes and visualising the council chamber within you.

See the three aspects of yourself taking their seats, eager and willing to converse.

Set the ambience; perhaps there's a table, or an ethereal glow illuminating each aspect.


Elicit Contributions
Open the floor to each facet of yourself in turn.

Allow your Emotional Self to voice its feelings, your Intuitive Self to share its inexplicable knowing, and your Logical Self to lay out the facts and reasoning.

Document these contributions as faithfully as you can.


Engage in Deliberation
Facilitate a conversation between these aspects.

How do they react to each other’s points? Is there agreement, conflict, or perhaps an enlightening realisation?

Capture this dialogue in your journal.


Balance of Power
Reflect on who seems to have the most authority in this council and why.

Is there a balance of power, or does one aspect dominate?

Contemplate how this balance or imbalance mirrors your external life.


Actionable Wisdom
Finally, what decisions or insights emerge from this council meeting?

What steps can you practically take in your life based on the counsel of these inner advisors?


Ritualistic Acknowledgement
In your daily or weekly rituals, offer gratitude to these aspects for their guidance.

Acknowledge the contributions they make to your life, solidifying their roles as trusted advisors.


Embrace this prompt as a magickal mechanism designed to align you more closely with the multiple dimensions of your being.

Remember, you are an intricate tapestry of emotional, intuitive, and logical threads.

The more you engage in such council meetings, the richer the fabric of your self-understanding will become, leading to a life of greater balance, wisdom, and profound fulfilment.