The Gift of Self-Kindness

Written on 04/08/2024
Rebecca Anuwen

In the intricate tapestry of life's ups and downs, moments of self-kindness are like golden threads that add richness and warmth to your very being.

By choosing The Gift of Self-Kindness, you step back from the noise of daily pressures and expectations, immersing yourself in the gentle embrace of self-compassion, soothing your soul, and finding tranquillity within your own presence.

A Sacred Pause offers you a sanctuary within, a space to breathe and be at ease, unburdened by judgement or critique.

It's a reassuring balm, quelling the storms of self-doubt and instilling your heart with unconditional love.

Venture into this comforting respite by following these steps, designed to guide you through the tender cadence of a Sacred Pause:


Step 1: Choose Your Space
Identify a serene corner where you can sit undisturbed for a few moments.

It could be a quiet room, a sunny spot in the park, or even your office chair.


Step 2: Position and Posture
Take a seated position that allows for relaxed but upright posture.

Place your hands on your lap or your knees.


Step 3: Intention Setting
Quietly set your intention to be kind to yourself.

Acknowledge that you, like anyone else, deserve a moment of peace and kindness.


Step 4: Breathing and Being
Close your eyes, and turn your focus inward to your breath.

Let each inhale draw in compassion and each exhale release judgement and criticism.


Step 5: Self-Compassionate Affirmation
In your mind or softly aloud, repeat an affirmation of self-compassion such as,

"I am enough," or "I am deserving of kindness and love."


Step 6: Gratitude
Feel grateful for this sacred moment of kindness that you've gifted yourself.

Let this gratitude seep into your being, renewing your spirit.


Step 7: Re-enter Gently
As you prepare to resume your day, carry this newfound kindness with you.

Let it seep into your actions, words, and thoughts.


Step 8: Regular Reminders
Integrate this Sacred Pause into your daily routine, serving as a gentle reminder to regularly be kind to yourself.


By engaging in The Gift of Self-Kindness, you establish an oasis of emotional well-being.

May this sacred pause fortify your soul, enveloping you in a timeless embrace of self-love and gentle care.