Desire and Yearning

Written on 09/25/2023
Rebecca Anuwen

How do your desires reflect the love and value you have for yourself?

This journal prompt invites you to explore the labyrinth of your own yearnings, acting as a soulful mirror reflecting the depths of self-love and self-worth.

By posing such a question, you're asked to delve into the intricate relationship between your desires and the intrinsic value you attribute to your own being.

This question is of great significance, for it challenges you to consider the quality of your desires as a reflection, or perhaps even an extension, of the esteem and affection you hold for yourself.

Desires, after all, are not mere whims or fleeting wants; they are potent energies that steer your actions and choices, reverberating through the corridors of your destiny.

Understanding how your desires are imbued with self-love and value  gives you a more nuanced mastery of your own life path.

Are your yearnings reflective of deep respect and cherishing of yourself? Or do they emanate from spaces of lack, undervaluation, or even self-disregard?


Mirror of Desires
Take some time to list your current desires, no matter how big or small, ambitious or trivial.

Hold each one up to the metaphorical mirror. Does it reflect a face glowing with self-love and self-worth?


Alchemy of Love
Sit in a meditative state and focus on the alchemical transformation of your desires.

Imagine transmuting desires rooted in lack or emptiness into aspirations radiating love and affirmation for yourself.


Garden of Value
In your mental or physical sanctuary, cultivate a 'garden' where each ‘plant’ symbolises a desire.

Tend to this garden with the love and value you hold for yourself, nurturing each plant and watching as they bear the fruits of fulfilled aspirations.


Woven Tapestry of Worth
In your practices of affirmation or manifestation, incorporate statements that tie your desires to your self-worth.

Each stitch in this tapestry reaffirms your intrinsic value and the legitimacy of your desires.


Gratitude for Yearning
Within your routine of gratitude, make space to thank not just for desires fulfilled but also for the very ability to desire.

This reinforces the notion that to yearn is human, and to do so from a space of self-love is divine.


Engage with this journal prompt as an exquisite tool, a magickal compass guiding you through the terrain of self-love and self-worth.

Let it serve as a reminder that your desires are not just wishes cast into the abyss, but significant indicators of how you perceive and treasure your own essence.

Remember, you are the cartographer of your life's journey, and your desires are waypoints on the map.

Align them with the love and value you hold for yourself, and you not only chart a course towards fulfillment but also towards a deepening relationship with your own sacred self.