Letting Go

Written on 09/18/2023
Rebecca Anuwen

Autumn is a time of change, from the shedding leaves to the shortening days.

What transformations are you currently experiencing or wish to start? How do these changes align with your broader intentions for your life or your magickal growth?


This journal prompt calls you into the ever-changing tapestry of Autumn—a season symbolising both the beauty of impermanence and the necessity of transformation.

As leaves wear their vibrant hues before drifting to the ground, and the sun takes its earlier bow, you are invited to engage in a soulful inquiry into your own cycles of change and renewal.

The essence of this prompt is transformative, urging you to become an active participant in your own metamorphosis. It brings to the fore the pressing query of what elements in your life are ripe for change, be it on the plane of personal development, spiritual growth, or magickal endeavours.

Transformation is a cornerstone of existence; it is the alchemy that turns the base metal of experience into the gold of wisdom and self-awareness. And what better time to delve into this than Autumn, the season that wears its transformations not as scars, but as badges of beauty and inevitability?


Leaves of Reflection
Take some time to journal about what 'leaves' you need to let go of this season to make room for new growth. What aspects of your life, behaviour, or thinking are ready to fall away?


Chrysalis of Contemplation
Find a quiet space for meditation or visualisation, imagining yourself in a chrysalis of potential. Visualise the transformations you desire unfurling within this sacred space, whether subtle shifts or radical changes.


Harvest of Intentions
Compile a list of intentions that align with your current or desired transformations. Sow these intentions like seeds into the soil of your daily rituals and activities, tending to them as you would a precious Autumn harvest.


Magickal Alignments
Reflect on how these transformative aspirations fit within your broader magickal practices or spiritual path. Are these changes stepping stones in a larger journey, or perhaps rites of passage in your magickal development?


Wheel of Acknowledgement
As you move through this season, celebrate each small transformation, just as one might celebrate the colours of leaves or the ripening of autumnal fruits. Acknowledge each change as a spoke in the wheel of your evolving journey.


Let this journal prompt serve as a magickal talisman, imbued with the essence of Autumn—a reminder to not only embrace but to champion the transformations that life brings, both subtle and grand.

Remember, in the grand theatre of existence, you are both playwright and protagonist. Your transformations are the plot twists that add depth, intrigue, and meaning to your unfolding story.

So let the autumnal winds of change guide you, as you write new chapters in the book of your ever-evolving life.