Bounty of Blessings: A Harvest Gratitude Ritual

Written on 09/11/2023
Rebecca Anuwen

The turning of the wheel brings us to the Autumn Equinox, a time of equilibrium where daylight and darkness hold hands in brief unity before parting ways.

The Earth, adorned in shades of amber and gold, shares her abundant gifts in a grand harvest.

This ritual is inspired by age-old practices yet imbued with personal meaning, and it aims to echo the Earth's generosity by expressing gratitude for our life's many bounties.

Through symbolic acts and heartfelt acknowledgement, let us celebrate the rich harvest of our own lives.


What You'll Need

  • An altar adorned with autumnal fruits, grains, and leaves
  • Small pieces of paper and a pen
  • A 'Gratitude Jar'
  • A golden or yellow candle


Ritual Steps
Prepare Your Sacred Space
Set up your altar with the autumnal fruits, grains, and leaves.

Place the Gratitude Jar and the candle prominently in the centre.


Ignite the Flame of Gratitude
Light the golden or yellow candle, allowing its warm glow to signify the nurturing light of gratitude.

As it burns, take a moment to reflect on the blessings you've harvested over the past year.


List Your Blessings
With your pen and paper, jot down all the positive experiences, achievements, and relationships that you're thankful for.

Each piece of paper represents a different bounty you've reaped.


Fill the Gratitude Jar
Carefully fold each piece of paper and place it in the Gratitude Jar.

As you do so, utter a word or phrase of thanks, either silently or aloud.


Seal Your Intentions
Once the jar is filled with your blessings, seal it with a lid or a piece of cloth.

Hold your hands over the jar and say: "I seal these blessings in gratitude, may they multiply in the year ahead."


Meditation and Acknowledgement
Sit quietly for a moment, feeling the significance of each blessing and the cumulative abundance they represent.

Visualise this abundance as a golden light, radiating outwards from the jar and filling your space and life.


Closing the Ritual
Put out the candle, holding in your heart the warmth and abundance it symbolised.

Say a closing statement like, "As this light wanes over the coming months, may the glow of its abundance remain within me."


Plan to Revisit
Keep the Gratitude Jar in a sacred space with the intent to open it during next year's Autumn Equinox, reliving and celebrating the many blessings that enrich your life.


This Harvest Gratitude Ritual serves as a poignant reminder that even as the Earth gives freely, we too are recipients of abundant blessings.

By taking the time to acknowledge and give thanks for these gifts, we honour the generous spirit of the season.

So, as leaves fall and nights lengthen, may your heart remain ever warmed by the abundant harvest of your life's blessings.