The Carriage of Calm

Written on 08/14/2023
Rebecca Anuwen

In the unceasing journey of life, every juncture possesses a unique rhythm and resonance, often lost amidst the clamour of daily pursuits.

By choosing The Carriage of Calm, you grant yourself a momentary refuge within the confines of your car.

It's a space to reset, redirecting your attention to the dance of the present, immersing in the ambient sounds around you, resonating with the vehicle's gentle hum, and finding serenity even in stillness.

A Sacred Pause within this carriage offers a fleeting yet profound sanctuary, a deliberate engagement with the present moment.

It acts as a gentle reminder, quelling the tumultuous torrents of hurry and anchoring your spirit in the serene embrace of the here and now.

Embark on this journey of mindfulness by following these steps, designed to guide you through the harmonious interlude of a Sacred Pause:


Step 1: The Initiation
As you enter your car, before the ignition, sit comfortably.

Allow your surroundings to envelope you, acknowledging the transition from the outer world to your personal cocoon.


Step 2: Touch and Tenderness
Gently place a hand over your heart.

Feel its rhythmic cadence, the reassuring thud echoing life's persistent dance.


Step 3: Breath and Being
Take a deep, centering breath, allowing the air to fill your lungs and then release slowly.

As you breathe, imagine a calming energy radiating from within, preparing you for the journey ahead.


Step 4: Intention and Insight
Before driving, set an intention for your journey.

Whether it's a smooth drive, a clear mind, or simply to arrive safely, let this intention guide your actions.


Step 5: Arrival and Acknowledgement
Upon reaching your destination, before leaving your car, take another moment to pause.

Reconnect with your breath, grounding yourself in gratitude for a journey safely undertaken.


Step 6: Closing and Continuation
As you prepare to exit your vehicle, bring your attention once more to your heart, expressing silent gratitude for this sacred space of pause and reflection.

Let this tranquillity accompany you as you transition back into the world outside.


By embracing the harmonious embrace of The Carriage of Calm, you create a personal sanctuary amidst the chaos of the outside world.

May this sacred pause act as a restorative balm, linking you to the beauty and serenity of the present moment.