Harvest of Plenty: A Lammas Ritual of Abundance and Gratitude

Written on 07/31/2023
Rebecca Anuwen


We stand at the threshold of the harvest season, the ripening fruits of our labours offering a plentiful bounty. 

This ritual, deeply rooted in ancient tradition yet humming with personal significance, recognises the fertile generosity of the Earth, reflecting its abundance with an altar adorned with the season's offerings.

As we celebrate the first fruits of the harvest, let's cultivate a spirit of gratitude, expressing our thankfulness for the gifts bestowed upon us. Let's step courageously into the heart of Lammas, the season of abundance and gratitude.

What You'll Need

  • An altar or table
  • Candles
  • Grains, fruits, and other seasonal produce
  • Symbols of personal abundance (photos, mementos, etc.)

Ritual Steps

1. Prepare Your Altar
Set up an altar or table in a calm, quiet space.

Decorate it with grains, fruits, and other seasonal produce to symbolise the Earth's bounty.

You may also wish to include personal symbols of abundance in your life, like photos or mementos. 


2. Light the Candles
Carefully light the candles on your altar.

As the flames flicker to life, take a moment to appreciate their warm glow, reflecting the vibrant energy of the season's abundance.


3. Speak Your Gratitude
Acknowledge the Earth's generosity by expressing gratitude for its plentiful bounty.

Thank each item on your altar, recognising the journey it took from seed to harvest.

You may wish to say something like, "Thank you, Earth, for your abundance and generosity. We recognise and appreciate your gifts."


4. Reflect on Personal Abundance
Turn your thoughts towards the abundance in your own life.

Speak words of gratitude for the good things you have, such as family, health, home, and food.

Allow yourself to feel a deep sense of thankfulness as you take the time to acknowledge these blessings.


5. Offer Blessings
End the ritual by offering blessings for the continuing harvest.

You might say, "We thank the Earth for its abundance today and offer our blessings for the continuing harvest. May we always be grateful for what we have, and generous in what we give."


6. Meditate in the Candlelight
Sit quietly for a few minutes, basking in the glow of the candles and the feelings of gratitude.

Let these feelings permeate your being, soaking into your soul.


This Lammas ritual, brimming with gratitude and appreciation, helps us connect to the Earth's rhythms, reminding us of our role within the cycle of life.

It's not just about expressing thanks; it's about cultivating an attitude of gratitude that enriches our lives.

So, step into the heart of the harvest season, embrace the abundance around you, and let gratitude fill your heart this Lammas.