Mealtime Magick

Written on 07/17/2023
Rebecca Anuwen

Food is more than just sustenance; it's a vital force that nourishes our body and soul.

The Mealtime Magick ritual celebrates this, turning the everyday act of eating into a moment of mindfulness, gratitude, and nourishment.

This ritual has enhances our connection to the food we eat, promotes conscious eating, cultivates gratitude, and positively influences our attitude towards our own health and wellbeing.


Step 1: Preparing the Table
Begin by arranging your meal before you, taking a moment to appreciate the colours, textures, and aromas that fill your plate.

Let your senses engage with the food, igniting anticipation for the nourishment to come.


Step 2: Calling in the Blessing
Place your hands over your food, without touching it. Close your eyes and focus on the energy radiating from the meal, feeling the potential nourishment it holds.


Step 3: Thanking the Food
Express your gratitude to the food, thanking each ingredient for the energy it offers. Acknowledge the journey it took from the earth to your plate, and appreciate the nourishment it's about to provide.


Step 4: Imagining Health and Vitality
Visualise the food filling you with vibrant health and vitality. See its energy merging with your own, strengthening your body, enhancing your wellbeing, and nourishing your soul.


Step 5: Sealing the Blessing
With a heart full of gratitude and an intention set for nourishment, take your first bite. Savour the taste, texture, and essence of the food, mindfully enjoying the act of eating.


Step 6: Carrying the Blessing
Carry this sense of gratitude and conscious eating into your future meals, treating each one as an opportunity for nourishment and thanksgiving.


The Mealtime Magick ritual brings magick into our daily eating habits, transforming them into mindful acts of gratitude and nourishment.

Through this ritual, we can deepen our connection to our food, enhance our conscious eating practices, and encourage a positive attitude towards our health and wellbeing.

Each meal becomes more than just sustenance—it becomes a magickal event, imbued with gratitude and vibrant with the intention of nourishment.