The Music Manifestation

Written on 07/15/2024
Rebecca Anuwen

Music and dance have long been celebrated as channels for expression, transformation, and connection with the self.

The Music Manifestation ritual elevates this experience, turning a joyful dance to your favourite song into a powerful act of manifestation.

This magickal practice offers various benefits: it liberates the spirit, ignites positive energy, promotes self-confidence, and charges your dreams and desires with the vibrancy of your movement.


Step 1: Setting the Stage
Choose a place where you can move freely and without judgement.

This is your dance floor, your own personal manifestation arena.

You might want to dim the lights or light some candles to create an atmosphere that encourages uninhibited self-expression.


Step 2: Selecting Your Song
Select a song that uplifts you, inspires you, or simply makes you want to move.

This song is your manifestation anthem, the soundtrack that will energise your intentions.


Step 3: Starting the Dance
Press play and let the music fill the room.

As the first notes reach your ears, close your eyes and take a deep breath.

Then, let your body start to move naturally to the rhythm.

Let go of any inhibitions, and just dance!


Step 4: Visualising Your Dreams
As you dance, turn your focus inwards.

Visualise your dreams and desires.

See them clearly in your mind's eye, and imagine them being energised by your movement, becoming vibrant and alive in the dance.


Step 5: Energising Your Intentions
With every step, twirl, and leap, visualise the energy of your dance infusing your dreams and desires with life.

Imagine your intentions taking flight, empowered by the rhythm and momentum of your dance.


Step 6: Sealing the Dance
When the song ends, take a moment to breathe, to soak in the energy you've created.

Feel the shift in your spirit, the charge in the air. Thank the music, your body, and your dreams for their participation in this ritual.


The Music Manifestation ritual is a dynamic, joy-filled practice that celebrates the power of dance as a conduit for manifestation.

Through this ritual, you can liberate your spirit, foster self-confidence, and charge your intentions with positive, pulsating energy.

As you move in tune with your favourite song, you're not just dancing - you're manifesting your dreams, adding an extra spark of magick to your everyday life.