The Ritual of Intentional Adornment

Written on 07/03/2023
Rebecca Anuwen

Jewellery has been used as symbols of power, status, and intention throughout history. The Ritual of Intentional Adornment brings this ancient practice into our everyday lives, using jewellery as touchstones of our aspirations, goals, and personal growth.

This ritual has numerous benefits: it infuses everyday dressing with intention, it can serve as a tangible reminder of your goals and intention, and it encourages mindfulness and personal expression.


Step 1: Choosing Your Piece
Select a piece of jewellery that resonates with you.

This could be a ring, a necklace, a bracelet or any adornment that feels special.

Look for a piece that has a certain quality, design or gemstone that aligns with your current intentions or aspirations.


Step 2: Cleansing the Piece
Before wearing your chosen piece, cleanse it of any previous energies. You can do this by bathing it in moonlight, using smoke from incense or burning herbs such as rosemary or simply holding it in your hands and envisioning any old energy being washed away.


Step 3: Setting Your Intention
Hold the cleansed jewellery in your hands and close your eyes.

Visualise your goal or intention. See it clearly in your mind, feel the emotions it brings up, and then mentally infuse this vision into the jewellery.


Step 4: Wearing with Purpose
As you put on your piece of jewellery, reaffirm your intention.

Feel the energy of your goal being activated and drawn into your daily life.


Step 5: Touchstone Reminders
Throughout your day, when you touch or notice your jewellery, let it remind you of your goal or intention.

Use this as a moment of mindfulness and affirmation.


Step 6: Honouring the Ritual
At the end of the day, when you remove your jewellery, give thanks for the reminders it provided and the intentions it held.

Store it in a special place, ready for its next day of intentional wear.


The Ritual of Intentional Adornment is a beautiful practice that imbues our everyday life with layers of meaning and intention.

By consciously selecting, cleansing and charging our jewellery, we create potent reminders of our goals and aspirations.

This ritual encourages mindfulness, intentionality and a personal expression of our journey.