Choosing Growth

Written on 05/06/2024
Rebecca Anuwen

How do you want to grow in your own magickal journey in the next six months?



This journal prompt is a call to deliberate self-evolution within the realms of your personal and spiritual development.

It directly engages with your aspirations and intentions for magickal growth, offering a structured timeline for reflection and action.

It challenges you to not only envision your future self but also to plot a tangible course towards achieving that vision.

This prompt marries intention with action, grounding the often ethereal aspects of magickal practice into concrete steps and goals.

It encourages a proactive stance in your spiritual development, making you the architect of your own transformative journey.

By specifying a six-month timeframe, it adds a sense of urgency and focus, pushing you to commit to and prioritise your growth in practical ways.


Vision Casting
Begin by envisioning where you'd like to see yourself in your magickal journey six months from now.

Consider aspects such as knowledge, skills, practices, and how deeply you wish to connect with your magickal self.

What new areas of magick do you wish to explore?

What existing skills do you want to deepen?


Journaling for Clarity
Use your journal to explore these visions.

Describe in detail what being further along in your magickal journey looks like and feels like.

Be as specific as possible about what aspects of your magick you want to enhance or develop.


Goal Setting
Break down your six-month vision into tangible goals.

For instance, if you wish to enhance your knowledge of herbal magick, one goal might be to study one herb per week. If deepening your meditative practice is your aim, set a goal to meditate weekly and perhaps attend a workshop or retreat.


Resource Identification
Identify resources that can support your growth.

This might include books, courses, communities, or mentors.

List these resources in your journal and outline how you plan to engage with them.


Regular Reflections
Commit to regular check-ins with yourself.

Use your journal to reflect on your progress, challenges, and insights.

This regular practice not only keeps you aligned with your goals but also allows for adjustments as you discover more about your path and needs.


Ritual Integration
Consider creating a simple ritual to mark the beginning of this six-month journey.

This could involve setting up a new altar space, crafting a talisman to represent your commitment, or performing a dedication ritual.

Rituals can powerfully signify your commitment to growth and serve as tangible milestones in your journey.


Engaging with this journal prompt requires you to reflect deeply, plan meticulously, and act deliberately.

This process develops growth in your magickal practices and also deepens your connection to your inner self, enhancing your overall sense of purpose and fulfillment.

By exploring this prompt you affirm your commitment to not only witness but actively shape your transformation, embracing the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of your magickal journey.