Magick is an extension of your being

Written on 06/26/2023
Rebecca Anuwen

My magick is a natural extension of my being, radiating positivity and change.

In the celestial tapestry of our existence, we are far more than merely terrestrial beings. We are sparkling constellations of potential, each of us imbued with a unique brand of magick that is an intrinsic extension of our being.

And here lies a potent affirmation that encapsulates this truth: "My magick is a natural extension of my being, radiating positivity and change."

This affirmation is a luminous declaration of self-empowerment and recognition of our inherent mystical nature.

By repeating and truly embracing this affirmation, we acknowledge that our magick – our ability to shape our reality and affect the world around us – is as natural and as much a part of us as breathing.

But how does one embody such a powerful proclamation?

1. Awareness: Recognising Your Inner Magick

It all starts with awareness.

Understand that your inner magick is not something to be summoned from the ether; it exists within you, waiting to be acknowledged.

Just as the sun doesn't need to become brighter to banish the night, you don't need to become 'more' to unleash your magick. You simply need to realise it's already a part of you.


2. Positivity: The Compass of Your Magick

Think of positivity as the compass of your magickal journey.

Positivity doesn't mean denying life's challenges but choosing to approach them with optimism and resilience.

Radiate positivity, and you'll find your magick naturally aligns with intentions that uplift, heal, and inspire.


3. Embrace Change: The True Manifestation of Your Magick

Change is the only constant in life, and your magick is the rudder that helps you navigate these ever-shifting tides.

Embracing change means acknowledging that your magick is a force of transformation, in your own life and potentially in the lives of others. 


So, make this affirmation your mantra, a reminder of your natural magickal prowess.

Repeat it with conviction, let it echo in your actions, decisions, and interactions.

Feel it ignite the spark of positivity and become the sail for the winds of change. You are not merely existing in this world; you are a radiant beacon of magick, a testament to the transformative power of positivity.

Embrace it, for your magick is a wondrous extension of your magnificent being.