Cultivating Inspiration

Written on 03/25/2024
Rebecca Anuwen

Describe a moment when you felt truly inspired—what sparked that feeling, and how can you cultivate more of it in your life?


In the cosmic symphony of life, we each have moments that strike a chord within us, filling our hearts with a grand crescendo of inspiration.

Such moments, often etch a lasting imprint on our souls, acting as lanterns that light our way through the labyrinth of life.

And that's the power of this journal prompt, the magick lies within the realm of recollection and self-discovery.

Each moment of inspiration is a magickal artefact, a talisman that holds a potent energy.

When we explore these moments, describing them in the sacred space of our journal, we're not just recalling a memory, we're reliving a transformative experience, reigniting the flame of inspiration within us.

What sparked that feeling?

This enquiry pushes us to unravel the strands of the incandescent thread that led to our moment of inspiration.

In doing so, we bring to light the elements that kindle our inner fire, allowing us to understand what truly moves our spirit.

The final part of this prompt invites us to explore the ways we can cultivate more inspiration in our lives.

By contemplating this, we consciously carve paths to summon more of these inspiring experiences, turning the key to a treasure chest brimming with potential moments of enlightenment.


Start by setting aside some time each day to connect with your journal.

This should be a sacred space, a time when you allow your mind to wander through the corridors of memory, seeking out the enchanted rooms where inspiration bloomed.

Once you've summoned the memory, write it down in as much vivid detail as you can.

Describe the sensations, the colours, the emotions that you experienced.

Remember, that writing in  your journal is a magickal act, helping you to remember past inspirations from the caverns of your memory.

Reflect on the elements that sparked the flame of inspiration within you.

Was it a book, a conversation, a fleeting glance at a night sky bejewelled with stars, or perhaps a solitary walk through a beautiful forest?

Identifying these sparks allows you to understand your unique pathways to inspiration.

Finally, consider how you can weave more of these elements into the rich tapestry of your life.

This could involve cultivating certain habits, seeking out new experiences, or perhaps simply being open to all the forms inspiration can take.

Embarking on this reflective journey through this journal prompt not only serves to reignite past flames of inspiration but also paves the way for future sparks to ignite.

So let your ink uncover the magickal map leading to your inspirational treasure trove!