Nurturing Your Heart and Soul

Written on 04/08/2024
Rebecca Anuwen

List three acts of self-love you can practice this week to nurture your heart and soul.


The invocation of self-love, a powerful and essential spell in the grand book of life!

This  journal prompt invites you to not only delve into the wellspring of love within you but to generously shower this affection upon your own heart and soul. 

The act of self-love is an elixir of power and vitality, a potion that fortifies the spirit and replenishes the soul.

It reinforces the enchanting truth that you are deserving of love, care, and tenderness from none other than yourself.

It aligns you with the rhythm of the cosmos, illuminates your inherent worth, and empowers you to radiate love and compassion outwardly.


Self-Love Ritual
Start by conjuring a sacred space, free of distractions.

Light a candle to symbolise your inner light, maybe sprinkle some rose petals for their connection to the heart, and allow yourself to connect deeply with your intentions.


List Your Acts of Self-Love
With your quill at the ready, let your heart guide your words.

These acts of self-love could be as grand as a weekend retreat in the wild woods, as simple as a daily moment of quiet contemplation, or as nourishing as a warm bath infused with your favourite herbs.

The essence lies in your intention to nurture your heart and soul.

Embrace the Acts
Once you've penned down these acts of self-love, bring them into being!

Execute each act with grace and awareness, letting your heart absorb the warmth of the love you're extending towards yourself.

Celebrate Your Journey
At the end of the week, reflect back on the experiences.

Allow yourself to revel in the joy of having cared for your own well-being, and celebrate this magickal journey of self-love.


And remember, as you write, as you practice, as you love, let the words of this affirmation echo within your heart:

"I am worthy of my own love, I am deserving of my own care, and I honour my soul by nurturing my heart."


Carry this spell of self-love with you on your journey and watch as your life transforms into a joyous celebration of self.