Sparking a Sense of Wonder

Written on 02/26/2024
Rebecca Anuwen

List five things that spark a sense of wonder in you and how you can incorporate them into your daily routine


This journal prompt is a chance to explore the enchanted realms of awe and marvel that dance at the edges of our consciousness.

This potent question invites you to recognise and honour the aspects of life that awaken your spirit, ignite your imagination, and fill your soul with radiant wonder.

This journal prompt encourages you to be a celestial cartographer, mapping out the constellations of wonder that twinkle in the night sky of your existence.

Recognising and incorporating these marvels into your daily routine is like weaving a golden thread of enchantment through the fabric of your life, transforming the mundane into the mystical, and the ordinary into the extraordinary.


Actively seek out moments of wonder in your everyday life.

Be it a dew-kissed rose at dawn, the melody of a bird's song, or the captivating dance of flames in a hearth, let your senses be delighted.

Magickal Manifestation
Once you've identified your five things, consciously invite them into your daily routine.

Let them serve as radiant reminders of the infinite beauty and wonder that exists in the world.

Gratitude for Awe
In your gratitude practice, express thanks for these marvels.

Celebrate their presence in your life as manifestations of the universe's enchanting creativity.


Share the Wonder
Share your experiences of wonder with those around you.

Let your stories of awe inspire others to seek out their own moments of enchantment.

Journaling the Journey
Keep a record of your experiences with wonder in your journal.

Let your entries be testament to the transformative power of awe in your life.


Embrace this journal prompt as a call to become a wanderer in the enchanted forest of wonder.

Remember, you are the architect of your own awe and the five things that spark a sense of wonder in you are the building blocks of living a more enchanted life.

So, let your sense of wonder be your compass, guiding you through the magical landscape of your life.