Sweeping Away Shadows: A Sacred Space Cleansing Ritual

Written on 07/08/2024
Rebecca Anuwen

We stand within the sanctuary of our home, sensing the intricate weave of energies that shape our home or workspace.

The need to cleanse becomes apparent, to wash away the dust of negativity, making way for the free flow of positivity and abundance.

This ritual, marrying ancient wisdom with personal practice, embraces the sacredness of space, utilising the purifying properties of rosemary smoke, the traditional sweep of a besom broom, or another cleansing tool of your choice.

Let's step into the dance of smoke and shadow, into the heart of sacred space cleansing.


What You'll Need

  • Rosemary (fresh or dried) or another cleansing herb
  • A besom broom or another cleansing tool (such as a feather (even a feather duster!) or cleansing spray)
  • A fireproof container 
  • A lighter or matches


Ritual Steps

1. Prepare Your Space
Select the room or workspace you wish to cleanse.

If using rosemary, place it in the fireproof container and light it, allowing it to smoulder and produce smoke.

If using a besom or another cleansing tool, have it at the ready.


2. Set Your Intentions
Stand at the entrance of the space, taking a moment to sense the energies within.

Focus on your intention to cleanse, to remove negativity, and to invite positivity and abundance.


3. Begin the Cleansing Process
If using smoke, gently waft it around the room, allowing it to penetrate all corners.

If using a besom or other tool, sweep or move it methodically through the space, sweeping towards the doors.

Visualise the negative energy dissipating, being replaced by a clean, positive force.


4. Speak Words of Cleansing
You may wish to recite a cleansing affirmation such as:

"I cleanse this space of negativity, making room for positivity, abundance, and peace. May it be filled with peace and love."


5. Focus on Personal Cleansing
Take a moment to cleanse yourself as well, allowing the smoke or sweeping motion to pass over you, visualising your personal energy being cleansed.


6. Seal the Ritual
Once the space is cleansed, stand in a central area and express gratitude for the cleansing.

Offer blessings for continued positivity and abundance in the space.

If you used rosemary, make sure to extinguish it safely.


7. Reflect and Rejuvenate
Spend a few minutes in the newly cleansed space, feeling the shift in energy.

Embrace the lightness and openness that now prevails.


This sacred space cleansing ritual connects you with the spiritual essence of your surroundings, allowing you to renew and revitalise the energies within.

It's not just about erasing the shadows; it's about cultivating a sanctuary of harmony, warmth, and abundance.

So, wield your broom, or let the rosemary smoke dance, and breathe new life into your space today!