Energy Cleansing: Regular Practices for Clearing Your Energy and Space

Let's dive into the potent world of energy cleansing.

It's not just about sprucing up your physical space – though a good declutter never goes amiss – but it's also about clearing out those energetic cobwebs that can leave you and your living space feeling 'off'.


1. Smoke: The Classic Cleanse
Let's start with smoke, a time-honoured ritual. You can burn incense or herbs (I love to burn rosemary),

It's like giving your energy a bubble bath!

Light up your incense or herbs, let the smoke waft around you and your space, and let it act like a spiritual vacuum cleaner – sucking up any negativity and leaving you feeling fresh and zesty.

Open a window to let the negativity and smoke out and welcome the refreshed energy in.


2. Crystals: Your Energetic Allies
Crystals are like your soul friends in the energy cleansing world.

Each type has its own unique power and gift to share with you.

Amethyst is traditionally used for spiritual protection, black tourmaline is like a bouncer, keeping negative energies at bay, and carnelian is your hit of caffeine when you need to get things done.

Place them around your space or carry them with you for that extra oomph.


3. Sound Therapy: Good Vibrations
Now, let's talk sound.

Bells, singing bowls, or even clapping can break up stagnant energy.

It's like an energetic opera in your living room.

The vibrations lift the energy and can leave you feeling like you've just had an energy spa day.


4. Salt: More Than Just a Condiment
Salt isn't just for chips!

It's a powerhouse for absorbing negative energy.

Sprinkle it around the perimeter of your space or place bowls of salt in corners.

Make sure you clear it away after a few days.


5. Plant Power: Oxygen and Energy
Plants are nature's air purifiers – both physically and energetically.

They soak up the negative energy and replace it with pure, positive vibes.

Plus, they're a great way to add a bit of greenery to your space.


6. Water Rituals: Flowing Away Negativity
Water is inherently cleansing.

A shower can literally wash away the energetic grime of the day.

For an extra boost, envision the water as a cascade of light, washing away all the negativity.


7. Meditation: Mindful Energy Management
Meditation isn't just about quieting the mind; it's also about resetting your energy.

Visualise a white light surrounding you, protecting and cleansing your energy.

It's a bit like putting up an energetic shield.


8. Breathwork: Exhale the Old, Inhale the New
Breathwork can be incredibly cleansing.

Deep, intentional breathing helps to flush out stagnant energy.

Think of it as an internal energy cleanse that will leave you refreshed and revived.


9. Create a Cleansing Ritual That Works for You
The most magickal part?

You can mix and match these techniques to create a personalised cleansing ritual.

It's like crafting your own magickal recipe for energetic wellness.

Try out the different options and you might find that each works best for you in certain situations.

Remember, regular energy cleansing is like keeping up with housework; it's less overwhelming if done frequently.

So, incorporate these practices into your routine, and you'll be amazed at how much lighter and brighter you and your space will feel.

Let's make energy cleansing a joyous, regular part of our magickal lives! 🌟✨