The Advent Calendar of Intentions

As we move towards December, Soulful Sundays brings you a unique way to navigate this festive month with intention and mindfulness. Our focus today is on creating an Advent Calendar of Intentions, a daily practice that combines the anticipation of the Advent season with the power of intention-setting.

Traditionally, Advent calendars are used to count down to Christmas, often with small daily treats. We're adapting this concept into a meaningful practice of setting daily intentions, turning each day of December into a step towards magick and mindfulness.

Creating Your Advent Calendar of Intentions

1. Preparing Your Calendar

  • Choose a format that resonates with you. It could be a physical calendar, a digital version, or a simple journal.
  • Mark each day from 1st to 31st December.


2. Daily Intention Themes

  • Assign a theme or focus for each day.
    For example, Day 1 could be 'Gratitude', Day 2 'Joy', Day 3 'Generosity', and so on.
  • You can repeat themes or have 31 seperate ones.


3. Reflect and Set Your Intentions

  • Each morning, reflect on the day's theme.
    What does it mean to you?
    How can you embody this intention throughout your day?
  • Write down your thoughts and how you plan to integrate this intention into your day.


4. Evening Reflection

  • At the end of the day, take a few moments to reflect on how you manifested your intention.
  • Note any insights, feelings, or experiences in your calendar or journal.


5. Personalise Your Calendar

  • Decorate your calendar or journal with symbols, colours, or images that align with each day's theme.
  • Consider adding quotes, affirmations, or small tasks that align with the daily intention.


Integrating the Advent Calendar into Your Life

1. Morning Rituals
Begin each day by visiting your Advent Calendar.

Let this become a grounding ritual that sets the tone for your day.


2. Mindful Moments
Throughout the day, remind yourself of your intention.

This could be through setting alarms, notes, or integrating practices that align with the day's theme.


3. Sharing the Journey
Consider sharing this practice with friends or family.

Discussing your intentions and experiences can enrich the journey.


An Advent Calendar of Intentions offers a structured yet flexible way to bring more intention and presence into the hectic holiday season. It's a practice that not only counts down to the end of the year but also builds a foundation of mindfulness and intentionality that you can carry into the new year.

This December, embrace each day with purpose and intention.

Let your Advent Calendar of Intentions be a guide to a more mindful, fulfilling month.

May this December be a journey of discovery, growth, and joy, as you end the year on a note of intentional living.