Drawing Your Intentions into Being: The Art of Visual Manifestation

Today we're exploring the world of meditative drawing for quite literally drawing your intentions into being - no artistic ability required!

In this creative journey, we blend the tranquillity of meditation with the expressive power of drawing, creating a pathway for our intentions.

This practice isn't about creating art, or being an artist in a traditional sense, it's about weaving your desires, dreams, and goals into visual form, making them more tangible and focused.

The Magick of Meditative Drawing

Meditative Drawing is a form of active meditation that allows you to channel your energy and intentions into a creative process.

It's a powerful way to quieten the mind, focus your thoughts, and manifest your intentions into the physical realm.


1. Setting Your Intention
Begin by selecting an intention for your drawing session.

It might be something you wish to manifest, like peace, abundance, or love, or a desire you're working towards.

Write down your intention or simply hold it in your mind.


2. Preparing Your Space
Choose a quiet and comfortable space where you won't be disturbed.

You may want to light candles or incense, play soft instrumental music, or create a small altar with items that represent your intention.


3. Gathering Your Materials
Select materials that resonate with your intention.

This could be coloured pencils, markers, paints, highlighters, charcoal, washi tape or even some glitter
Choose paper or canvas that feels right for your work.

The size and texture can be part of your intentional choice.


4. Entering a Meditative State
Spend a few minutes in quiet reflection.

Focus on your breath and allow your mind to focus on your intention.

Visualise your intention, imagining it as a seed of energy in your heart, growing and expanding.


5. Beginning to Draw
As you start drawing, let go of judgments or expectations about the outcome.

Allow your intuition to guide your hand.

Your drawing doesn't need to be literal or realistic; it can be abstract, symbolic, or even just a series of colours and shapes that represent your intention.


6. Infusing Your Art with Intention
With each stroke, envision your intention being woven into your creation.

Imagine your goal coming to life on the paper.

If your mind wanders, gently bring it back to your intention and the movement of your hand.


7. Completing Your Artwork
Once you feel your drawing is complete, spend a moment reflecting on the piece and the process.

You might want to place your artwork somewhere you will see it regularly, as a reminder of your intention.


8. Closing the Session
End your drawing session with gratitude.

Thank the yourself for making the time for this creative magick and thank the universe for the inspiration and the opportunity to express your intention creatively.


Drawing Your Intentions into Being is a beautiful way to connect with your magick and be intentional in your life.

It allows you to express your innermost desires in a visual format, creating a powerful tool for focus and manifestation.

So, gather your art supplies, set your intention, and let your creativity flow in harmony with your deepest aspirations.

Let this artistic journey enrich your magickal practice, bringing clarity, purpose, and a touch of beauty to your intention setting.

Remember, in this space, you're not just creating art; you are mapping the path to your desires, crafting a visual spell that weaves your intentions into the fabric of the universe.