New Year Intentions Spell: Weaving Magick for the Year Ahead

In the first stirring moments of the New Year we embrace the fresh start with a New Year Intentions Spell, a powerful ritual to set the stage for the months ahead.

This is a time of renewed hopes, dreams, and aspirations, and what better way to channel them than through our magick? 


Crafting Your New Year Intentions Spell
The New Year is a blank canvas, and your intentions are the vibrant colours with which you will paint it.

This spell is a powerful way to infuse these intentions with energy and purpose.


1. Gathering Your Spell Ingredients
Choose items that resonate with your intentions for the year.

For prosperity you could gather green or gold candles and citrine crystals
For love, rose quartz and pink candles
For health, clear quartz and blue candles.
For growth, carnelian and orange candles.

Prepare a small bowl of water and a seperate pinch of salt for purification and grounding.
Select herbs that align with your intentions, such as lavender for peace, basil for wealth, or chamomile for tranquillity.


2. Creating Your Sacred Space
Find a quiet, comfortable area to perform your spell.
Cast a circle, if this is part of your practice, to create a protected, sacred space.
Light the candles corresponding to your intentions, and place your crystals and herbs around you.


3. Writing Your Intentions
On a piece of paper, write down your intentions for the New Year.
Be as specific and clear as possible.
As you write each intention, visualise it manifesting in your life.
Feel the emotions associated with you living your intentions.


4. Charging Your Intentions
Hold the paper with your written intentions above the candle flames (carefully, so as not to scorch it), allowing the heat to energetically charge your words.
Pass the paper through the incense smoke, if you're using any, to further infuse it with your desires.


5. The Spell Incantation
Holding your intentions, recite a personal incantation or affirmation.
You might say something like, 'With this New Year, new beginnings come to me. I set these intentions with love and clarity.'


6. Sealing the Spell
Fold the paper and sprinkle a few drops of water over it symbolising the cleansing and manifesting of your intentions.
Sprinkle a pinch of salt over it, signifying grounding and protection.


7. Closing the Ritual
Extinguish the candles and close the circle, if you have cast one.
Keep the piece of paper in a safe place, such as your altar, a journal, or under your pillow, as a reminder of your intentions.


This New Year Intentions Spell is a powerful way to start your journey into the year.

It's about setting the tone, directing your path, and infusing your year with the energies you wish to attract.

May this spell be the key that unlocks a year of growth, fulfillment, and magick.

As you step into the New Year, carry your intentions with you, letting them guide and light your path.

Here's to a year woven with the threads of your deepest aspirations and brightest dreams.