Intuitive wisdom for the year ahead – The Omen Days

For several years now, our magickal community has been doing what is referred to as the ‘Omen Days’.

It’s divination that’s done over the 12 days of Christmas (starting on December 26th) by observing the signs from nature around you.

From the full article - Wisdom for the Year Ahead

On the 1st day – Boxing day, the 26th December, you would go out into nature and notice what you notice – perhaps a shape in the clouds, the branches of the trees, a colour shining brighter, a hardy flower surviving the cold, the robust red berries, a feeling, a whisper on the breeze, an animal or bird that you hear or see, and that would represent what was to come for the month of January.

Then the 2nd day  – the 27th December, you would do the same and that would represent the energy for February.
etc. etc. for the 12 days and the 12 corresponding months.

The idea isn’t that you google what the signs ‘mean’ – as that is someone else’s interpretation.

This is a time to sink down into your own wisdom and notice what the signs or ‘omens’ mean to you.

What is nature communicating with you?

When you do this with focussed intention, even if you only have 10 minutes, it’s fascinating what you can learn.

Step outside, wherever you are, and before you walk or look up to the sky, down at the pavement/sidewalk, ask that you be shown your omen or sign for the month, so on the 26th December, you would be asking for January.

And then look, listen and feel. Use all of your senses and notice what you notice.

Trust your intuition.

Trust the nudges, the feelings.

Pay attention.

Are you making it up? Does it really matter?

Your intuition is communicating with you, it’s time to listen.

Then make a note of the message, the signs.

Trust your first thoughts, go with what feels aligned.

It might not make sense straight away, it might percolate and bubble in your cauldron of wisdom, and throughout the day it will unfold.

You may wish to draw an oracle card for additional guidance – but again, leave the guidebook alone, and notice what YOU get from the card.

Treat each of the 12 days of Christmas as a chance to deepen your relationship with your rich darkness, your intuition.

A chance to remember your whole self, and not just the sanitised, socially acceptable version of yourself.

Treat this an an experiment in listening deeply.

Of trusting yourself.

Of knowing that you are held by the dark womb of the universe.

The journey of coming home to yourself.

Most of all be curious and have fun!