Crafting Your Power: Sigil Creation for Intentions

This week we delve into the mystical art of Sigil Creation.

Sigils are powerful symbols designed to manifest our deepest intentions. They act as visual representations of our intentions, desires, and dreams, serving as focal points for our magickal energy.

Understanding Sigils
A sigil is a symbol created with a specific intention in mind.

It's a unique and personal emblem that captures the essence of your desire or intention.

The process of creating and activating a sigil is a form of magick that combines intention, creativity, and personal power.


Steps to Create and Activate Your Sigil

1. Clarify Your Intention*
Before you begin, it's crucial to have a clear, concise intention.

Write it down in a positive, present tense, as if it's already happening.


2. Create Your Sigil

  • Write out your intention.
  • Remove  all vowels .
  • Then, any duplicate letters.
  • With the remaining letters, create an abstract design or symbol.
    This symbol is your sigil.
    Let your creativity flow, and don't worry about making it 'perfect.'


3. Simplify and Refine
Once you have a basic design, refine it.

Simplify the shapes and lines to create a more potent symbol.


4. Activate Your Sigil
There are several methods to activate a sigil, and the choice depends on what resonates with you.

Here's a few options:

  • Meditate on it, visualising your intention being absorbed into the sigil.
  • Place it under a candle and let the candle's energy charge it.
  • Leave it in the moonlight to soak up lunar energy.


5. Release and Trust
After activation, it's essential to release your attachment to the outcome.

Trust that your intention is on its way to manifesting.


Incorporating Sigils into Your Practice

1. Carry Your Sigil
Keep the sigil with you as a constant reminder of your intention.

  1. You can draw it on a small card and carry it in your wallet or pocket.
  2. You can use eyeliner, or something similar, and draw it on a discreet part of your body (I often draw it on my forearm)


2. Sigil Artwork
Create an artwork with your sigil.

Hang it in a place where you'll see it regularly, like your bedroom or workspace.


3. Digital Sigils
If you're tech-savvy, create a digital version of your sigil.

Use it as your phone or computer wallpaper.


4. Sigil Jewellery
If you're into crafts, you can make jewellery featuring your sigil, like a necklace or bracelet.


Sigil creation is a powerful and personal way to manifest your intentions.

It's a creative process that connects you deeply with your intentions and desires.

Remember, the power of a sigil comes not just from the symbol itself but from the intention and energy you put into it.

This Sunday, take some time to craft your own sigil.

Let this be a creative and empowering process that brings your intentions to life.