The Radiant Rise

In the silken strands of slumber and wakefulness, we find the chance to reshape our day, to consciously create our destiny. This is the magick of Becoming a Morning Starfish, an awakening to the unfolding day, stretched out, immersed in the sensual pleasures of the present, ready to set an intention for the day's journey.

Becoming a Morning Starfish infuses your morning with a purpose, a sense of calm, and an invitation to enjoy the simple sensory pleasures. It's a glorious greeting to the day, setting the stage for a day imbued with intention and mindfully lived moments.


Embark on this radiant awakening by following these steps, designed to guide you through the celestial dance of becoming a Morning Starfish:

Step 1: Starfish Stretch
Awaken to the morning's soft embrace and stretch out like a starfish, extending your limbs in all directions.

Feel the expansion of your body, the space you occupy in the world.


Step 2: Sensory Awakening
Become aware of the cool sheets against your skin, the fluffiness of your pillow, and the ambient sounds that accompany the dawn.

Let these sensations stir your consciousness, gently guiding you from the realm of dreams.


Step 3: Gratitude Greeting
Acknowledge the arrival of a new day, expressing gratitude for the opportunities and experiences it promises to bring.

Let this gratitude infuse your spirit with positivity.


Step 4: Intention Incantation
As you luxuriate in the comfort of your bed, ask yourself:

  • What do I want to achieve today?
  • What feelings or values do I wish to centre my day around?

Speak your intention aloud, casting it into the dawn.


Step 5: Energy Embodiment
Envision your intention as a radiant energy, permeating your being.

Imagine your day unfolding in alignment with this intention, each interaction infused with its energy.


Step 6: Starfish Return
Gradually retract your starfish stretch, bringing your limbs back to a restful position.

As you do, imagine you are drawing your intention back into you, ready to carry it through your day.


Step 7: Day's Dance
Rise from your bed, ready to dance the day's dance.

Carry the tranquillity and the intention of your morning starfish awakening with you, informing your actions, decisions, and interactions.

Step 8: Regular Radiance
Incorporate this sacred pause into your daily routine.

Regularly becoming a Morning Starfish can help cultivate a mindful, intentional start to each day.


By embracing the celestial awakening of becoming a Morning Starfish, you create a sacred space at the dawn of each day.

This space, teeming with intention and sensory delight, serves as a beacon, guiding you through the unfolding day.